The Baked Boxer is a Medical Marijuana shop and delivery service specializing in classes and baked experiences.

Our Inspiration

The Baked Boxer was inspired by Delilah, a lovable and protective Boxer who is no longer with us. Her spunky personality lives on through this company and her dog mates Samson, Lily, and Leda.

Our Passion

I could say that I started this company for many reasons. The most important one being my own personal health problems that in my early 20's left me homebound and seeking alternative medicines. I eventually found relief through marijuana where prescription drugs had failed me. I also found backlash from my personal care provider who was not supportive despite of the results I was having. It was about this time that I took my health into my own hands. Today, I've been in remission from chronic disease for 6 and 1/2 years. I want you to know there are other options for you too and we're here to help. 

Our Services

The services we've chosen to offer are experiences we believe to be beneficial to our physical and mental bodies. Here at The Baked Boxer we value community, nature, and higher thinking. These are recurring themes we've  purposefully tied into our classes and events. No matter what your specific need is I hope to help you find answers together; whether that means making a product designed especially for you or referring you to other amazing providers in the area. We're here to keep you high, healthy, and happy!

Our Location

The Baked Boxer LLC
277 Blanchard Road 

Springvale, ME 04083

207-206 2421

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